Thursday, September 13, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Glee (Season 4)

Welcome to New York City/McKinley High!!! The fourth season of Glee tonight's episode information:

The New Rachel
Rachel begins school at NYADA, where she meets Brody Weston, an uppercastman, and starts classes with tough dance instructor, Cassandra July. At McKinley High, the work of Rebuilding New Directions begins. Kurt aids Instructor Will Schuester in finding potential recruits, who include Puck's half brother Jake.

Here is Synopsis Feedback on Glee.

YES! Jacob! Oh god I felt like this wasnt going to be the old Glee but it is.

Sam Evans: from hobo stripper to Glee celebrity.

Oh glee how i've missed u

are y'all hollering at some glee?

i used to watch glee but i missed all of last season oops

Best part of Glee so far? Mr. Shue got a haircut - finally.

Why am watching Glee? Braxton Family Values hunty

I'm already not feeling glee this season.

now would be the right time to go take a shower you're all livetweeting glee good bye

did y'all watch him on The glee project tho? He was funny

Glee's cover of Call Me Maybe is so auto tuned it would make Kesha jealous.

"You cant really scissor a webcam." I'm surprised they let Brit say that! 

Actually, you guys livetweeting glee is pretty entertaining tbh


Marley is worried that she won’t get into Glee club. Glee club was never like this. WHY omg

I'm getting a novela feel from glee rn

I've been waiting for this glee episode for far too long and it's so perfect

apparently jake, marley, and kitty have a love triangle going on this season hmmm 

Man it's been a long summer!  

Rude just doesn’t look good on the other people in the Glee club the way it looks on Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce.

Sorry but Glee without Finn is not Glee

I have a feeling Glee is going to be cut from my roster

So is Kate Hudson's character supposed to be a younger version of Sue? 

Is the glee club going to apologize to Marley or


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