Saturday, September 1, 2012

Twitter Feedback: Overheard at DNC 2012

Hi Cyber Zombies,

Democrats are having their convention this week. They are going to nominee President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden again to represent Democratic Party for Re-Election. Overheard at DNC 2012 is worldwide trending topic on twitter. People are tweeting overheard at DNC 2012 on twitter. Here is twitter feedback on Overheard at DNC 2012.

Don't mention unemployment ... Don't mention unemployment ... Don't mention unemployment ... 

: Why do you care what is in your speech? We have the media on our side!

  I'd like to welcome the delegates from the 57 states, but Especially from OIHO!

It's weird. It's as if I like Medicare so much I'd like my kids to have it.

"What do you mean I need an I.D. to get in?"

 Don't talk about ObamaCare passed on Christmas Eve, but no Budget is 3 years.

So, Bain put your company into bankruptcy and took your pension fund? Mine too. 

It doesn't matter that more women are unemployed than in 2008.

 Only the Democrats could screw up the country so badly and keep getting elected.

 Don't talk about $16 Trillion in Debt, 8.3% unemployment, $716 Billion raided from Medicare.

 Credit Card Bill of Rights, preventing credit card companies from imposing arbitrary rate increases on customers

 Where's Oprah?

$5 trillion dollars spent? You ain't seen nothin' yet!! (Standing ovation) 

 Whatever anyone says or asks-your response should always be 'It's Bush's Fault'.

 Haha! After 4 years railing against teleprompters, not only did Romney use one but Clint made the best argument FOR one.

Al Gore and Ed Schultz are stampeding towards the buffet table ... RUN!!! 

 if obama is a chair, boehner is a bar stool”

 "Security! Get that man out of here. He's carrying a constitution."

 "Thank you Clint Eastwood. Check is in the mail."

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