Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tweet News: September 5, 2012

Good Evening, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for September 5, 2012.

Adam Lambert Announces New Single 'Trespassing'.

@BBC News (World)
Ford to unveil several new models.

@Huffington Post
This is the most disturbing anti-texting PSA you've ever seen.
James Franco sued by former NYU Professor.
Is Craiglist creeping you out, too?
Superhot alien world has strange dust tail trailing it like a comet's.

@HuffPost Green
BP oil may be resurfacing in Hurricane Issac aftermath.

@Drudge Report
MSNBC suppresses all coverage.

@USA Today
iPhone fans want bigger screen, better battery.

@NPR News
Secret Service investigates claim that Ronmey's Tax Returns were stolen.

@CNN Politics
Clinton to say Obama offers better path.
Hillary Clinton half a world away.

@RT America
Media Propaganda, Rachel Corrie, Bill Nye, iPhone spying.

@Los Angeles Times
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says no thanks to Calf. Gov Jerry Brown Fitness Challenge.

@NY1 News
Bloomberg Awards Fashion Entrepreneurs.
Former Mayor Ed Koch expected to leave the hospital.

'The Voice'  makes big move to kill 'The X Factor'.

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