Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tweet News: September 11, 2012

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The Tweet News Headlines for September 11, 2012.

@The Associated Press
AP Video: Obama calls US a safer, more resilient nation on 9/11.
House Speaker Boehner expresses no confidence on budget deal as debt rating downgrade looms.
US Military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,980.
8 year old takes mom's car for ride through Buffalo, NY neighborhood.

@Hollywood Reporter
9/11 Anniversary Remembrance Specials Air on Networks.

@E! Online
Today, We're all New Yorker!!! #September11th

@RT America
BREAKING: Twitter ordered to release identity of  #OWS protester.

@Huffington Post
NFL Players come out in support of gay rights.
Is it time to kill the Euro?
Summer of 2012 was third warmest on record.

@Reuters Top News
38% of voters across U.S bible belt less likely to vote for a "wealthy" candidate.
Morgan Stanley, Citigroup value brokerage at $13.5 billion.

@Wall Street Journal
"Uber-Rich finally unleash the liquidity known to exist": highest end NYC properties eclipse old peaks.

Chris Brown-Did He tattoo Rihanna on his neck?

@Entertainment Weekly
Simon Cowell tweets Randy Jackson "back on Idol".

More than half the people we asked say they don't the Fed will unveil QE3.

@NPR News
U.S Teachers pay close attention to Chicago.

@Los Angeles Times
Swine Flu strains can mutate and infect humans, study says.
Google introduces new youtube app for the iPhone.

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