Thursday, September 13, 2012

The X Factor 2: San Francisco and Providence Auditions

Welcome to the X Factor Zone!!! The $5 Million Search continues in San Francisco, California.

Johnny Maxwell is the first contestant that sang in front of Simon, LA, Britney, and Demi.He did original song just like Chris Rene from last season. I am impressed with his performance including his rapping. Demi loved his swag. Simon noticed ambition in Johnny eyes. He got four yes from the judge.

(Background music- Nicki Minaj-"Super Bass")

(Returned Music-Rihanna-"S&M")

What the fudge!!! Lexa Berman sang in the front the judges. I didn't get her performance. Simon Cowell said that she was mixed of Jersey Shore and Keep with the Kardashian. Demi said that she was over confidence in the contestant performance.

Demi was tapping her bad girl side to say that Simon is single.

(Music-Nelly Furtado"Maneater", LMFAO- "Sexy and know It", a little bit of One Direction)

Demi and LA Reid was disappointed with the performers that sang in front the stage. She want a singer to "Wow" her. (Dolly Parton-"9 to 5") Jason Brock came on stage. He was talking on what kind show he want to have. Simon said to Jason "Back to Earth!!" He sang  New York State of Mind. I liked his performance. Two judges from the panel gave Standing Ovation. Simon loved his audition. LA Reid called his performance flawless.

Now the audition continues in Providence, Rhode Island.  Patrick Ford brought flowers for Britney Spears. He sang Circus from Britney Spears. Demi, LA Reid, and Simon said no to him. Patrick Ford got burn by Britney Spears because she said no to him. Oh Frudge!! He was disappointed in Britney Spears response to him. He didn't want comment anymore as the camera crew was following him.

Carly Rose Sonenclare sang Feeling Good. Both judges were worried about this song choice in the beginning because their face expression give it away to me. All four judge were impressed including me. All four judge gave standing ovation to Carly. Brittney called her Miss Thang and you are little diva.

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