Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tweet News: September 29, 2012

Good Evening, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for September 29, 2012.

@Drudge Report
Thousands in Germany protest for wealth tax.
Ahmadinejad says talks will progress after US election.
Dollars fall most in year.
Security was lax in Libya prior to attack on consulate.
Debt to 90.5% of GDP.

@Los Angeles Times
California adopts open-carry ban riffles and shotguns in cities.

@OK! Magazine USA
Danish magazine will not publish "Bottomless" photos of Kate Middleton as planned.

Suspicious voter registration forms found in 10 Florida counties.

@Hollywood Reporter
Legendary Motown Producer Frank Wilson dies at 71.

@Huffington Post
Is theft a "Culture" among airport security staff?

@Hollywood Soup
Key figure behind anti-Islam movie arrested for probation violations.

@CNN Politics
White House to contractors: Hold off on layoff warnings.

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