Sunday, September 30, 2012

Syponsis Feedback: Revenge (Season 2)

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Tonight Show Information:

In the wake of discovering a dark secret involving her past, Emily Thorne makes the ante even higher as she attempts to find her mother Kara and avenge her father without allowing her emotions to get in that way.

Here the Synopsis Feedback.

Emily Thorne would look great in an Allison Parris NY dress, don't you think? 

A person's true  can only be revealed at the end of his journey. And the story I have to tell is far from over. 

Daniel is such human silly putty. He just does whatever. e

NOTAmanda has got to be in her 20s, why does she insist on dressing like a Teen Mom? 

Ummmm, actor change??? Takeda 

So...last season we had father flashbacks and this season we get mother flashbacks? Clever  writers. Clever

Okay, here's the thing. I love Emily's character, but I wish she had a stronger actual voice to pull of the lines. 

Can they kill Ashley off please she is so annoying 

Woah Nolan has been WORKING OUT!love the new do on him by the way... 

So when is Victoria going to magically show up. 

Nolan boxing is the most unrealistic thing I've ever seen on television

Who the hell does ashley think she is now that she got an assistant

Nice to see Ashley has slipped right into Lady of the Manor

Of course Victoria goes to see Emanda's mother. It only makes sense.... 

Exactly!!!! Queen B smwhr!! RT  Where is Victoria hiding cause we know she can't be dead 

 is trending?!? Can't wait for the season premiere tonight!

i wish Jack would wakeup and smell the coffee 

Piece of advice Amanda - don't try to blackmail Emily Thorne. 

I liked the original Takeda best :( 

Emily is really working that whole "Keep your enemies close..." thing. 

Ashley clearly thinks she's the new Victoria. Doesn't she remember how THAT ended? 

Turn off your phones at a tribute, jerks! Also, don't let the party planner speak, even if she's dating the deceased's son. 

 sees your plot twist, and raises you a multi-level scheme involving secret hideaways and different continents. 

: Conrad keeping his daughter locked up? That's jacked! ” I see youre addicted too. Lol I love this show.

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