Sunday, September 30, 2012

Syponsis Feedback: 666 Park Avenue

Hi my Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to the Drake Hotel!!! Jamie and Henry applied for the new manager position at the Drake Hotel. They were hired by Gavin the owner of the Drake. Strange things have been happening at the hotel.

Here is the Synopsis Feedback:

I got a new show joining my weekly line-up, 666 Park Avenue coming on at 10. Anybody else tuning in?

So who is watching that new show 666 park Avenue with me tonight? I am soooo READY to gossip that one all the way thru! Medicated to go! xo

So 666 Park Avenue has got my attention.

On  the naive couple drives south on broadway by w66 to get to ansonia (at bway & w74) which is supposed to be UES

Can we all just take a moment to realize that  is populated with actors from canceled ABC series?

"This is New York...not everyone gets to make it!" 

I'm only givin  a chance because of the Legendary Vanessa Williams but I hope it's not 2 satanic or I'm out 😒

LOLOL! "Nasty act of God? God forbid" - John Locke (Yes, he will forever be John Locke) 

1428 Elm Street > 

 ..Some guy got sucked into another dimension. thats fine. But tht couple just found parking in NYC in 2 seconds?

666 Park Avenue was better as Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves & Charlize Theron and that was terrible.

The epicenter of satanic activity at 666 PARK AVENUE is the same as in every other Manhattan apartment--the basement laundry room

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