Monday, September 24, 2012

Tweet News: September 24, 2012

Good Afternoon, Cyber Zombies,

The Tweet News Headlines for September 24, 2012.

@New York Post
BREAKING: Jets Revis out for the season with torn ACL

@RT America
Obama promises to block Netanyahu's noise.
New voting laws may disenfranchise 10 min Hispanics.

@ABC News
Soldiers discover abandoned baby on side of road in Afghanistan.
Texas school wants to make it easier to spank.

@USA Today
Stars keep the party going at FOX post-Emmys bash.
Wait, What? No one but two Kanye West sex tapes are being shopped?

@OK Magazine USA
Jon Stewart drop the f-bomb during his acceptance speech.

@Drudge Report
TWO AMERICAS: Football tops Emmys in rating.
Obama downgrades Israel alliance.

@Eyewitness News (New York City)
Community comes together to march after park rape.

@The Atlantic Wire
Facebook knows what you're buying at the drug store.
(Grace's Side Note: Unbelievable Creepy!!! Facebook is getting into the business of spying on us.)

@Wall Street Journal
Fight at Chinese factory owned by Apple supplier shut down production. Thousands may have been involved.

@Huffington Post
Stranger burns woman with acid.

@NY Financial News
Weaker growth and debt concerns push stocks lower.

@NPR Politics
Could Gay Marriage keep black voters from the polls?

@The Associated Press
Iran official says his country should boycott 2013 Oscars in wake of Anti-Islam film.

@Reuters Top News
General Motors readies $10 billion credit.
Iran's Ahmadinejad says country is ready to defend against an attack by Israel.

@BBC World
#IMF to cut its global growth forecast next month.

@Anonymous News
Iran blocks access to Google and Gmail.

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