Sunday, September 30, 2012

Synopsis Feedback: Once Upon a Time (Season 2)

Hi my Cyber Zombies,

Welcome to Storybrooke/Enchanted Forest!!!! Last episode of the season Emma's son Henry ate a poison apple turnover that was meant for Emma. Emma had to slay a dragon to get a golden egg for Mr.Gold. The golden egg contain the magic of the enchanted forest. Emma kissed her son and the people in storybrooke remembered who they are.

Tonight Episode Information:

"Through the curse is broken, the residents of Storyrbooke are not transported back to the Enchanted Forest. Prince Philip awakens Aurora and his companion face a deadly foe."

Here is twitter feedback on Once Upon a Time.

Whether she believed or not, why would Emma eat anything apple related from Regina? LOL  

Is this new character Sleeping Beauty in Once Upon A Time? I like the addition of Moulan too.

how frekin much of once upon a time did I miss last season? Apparently A LOT!!! Belle? Alice in wonderland? Wow missed so much!

Regina is one of my favorites from Once Upon a Time.

OMG, I'm already crying with Snow, Charming and Emma's reunion. It's like 5 min. into the episode! 

"Everyone's going to Regina's house to kill her." "Great, let's watch." XD    

alright so now i need to know why Aurora, Philip, & Mulan were still in Fairytaleland or whatever it's called. 

It's awkward when your parents are the same age as you. 

Seriously people  is already off to a great start!

Quite a new dynamic!!! What did Mr Gold do with Regina! The soul monster is very Harry Potter!  

"We were cursed!" is the new "We were ON a BREAK!" 

"Not telling." "You still owe me a favor." -Rumple | hahaha Oh, Rumple. 

Damn Rump u get an inch & take a whole football field! Hurting Belle's feelings u DryIceCanKillHEAD  

Ringwraith, dementor... it's an easy mistake. 

Wooow so now we spend time this season saving regina???

Voldemort's minion is invading Storybook. Harry Potter better be close behind. Lol 
regina better conjure up a patronus   

Oh my, didn't even think of that! CROSSOVER RT : I love that Dementor is trending and it's totally because of Once Upon a Time

Emma has superpowers! 

Looks like they killed Phillip. I'm gonna need a moment to let my inner child have a good cry. 

omg no wonder why Maleficent put Aurora to sleep. She's so annoying! 

Regina can't do her magic w/o Emma. Hmmm.  

Wait she got back her powers?????  

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