Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol 10 (Hollywood Week)

It's Hollywood Week on American Idol, where the judges tells who goes forward and who goes home.

Day One
Brett Lowerstein-Let it Be (John Lennon)
Racheal Zevita
Thia Megia
Casey Adrams
Paris Tassin- My Heart  Goes On (Celine Dion)
James Durbin-Oh Daring (The Beatles)
Lauren Alania
Chris Medina
Jacee Badeux
Robbie Rosen
Hollie Cavangh

Eliminated: Victoria Huggins, Stormy Henley, Sarah Sellers, Jacqueline Dupree, and Heidi Kazam.

Day Two
Rob  Bolin
Chelsee Oaks
Nick Fink
Jacquline Dunford
Scotty McCraery
Jackie Wilson
Jemome Bell
Travis Orlando
Clint Gamboa
Julie Zorrilla
Naima Adadapo
Aaron and Mark Guitierrez
Paul McDonald
Emily Anne Reed
Stefano Langone
Ashley Sullivan

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