Sunday, February 6, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Super Bowl (Part 1)

Happy Super Bowl!!!  The Black Eyed Peas will be doing the half-time show. I'm rooting for Green Bay Packers to win.

 gυєѕѕ му ηαмє 


 Ariana Grande 
 by Emma1Direction
oh my goodness , that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. When you tag  there's a football. I almost just had a heart attack.


We got our cupcakes for tonight! Go 

 Ceci Malcew 

Making the wings to watch the  !!! yay


- black and yellow!!!! @

 Jason Cate 

It will equal the amount of sacks against GB! :) RT @: How many chicken wings will be consumed today? 

 Y U NO?! 

we shouldn't have school the day after the . that should be a law! :)

 Joey Cohn 
So many injuries in this game. Is this the superbowl or pearl harbor?

 Michael Park 
 by mofgimmers
There's an ironic lack of advertising on the kits of the teams.

 Tim Siedell 
 by idavar
Not sure Pittsburgh came ready to play. They didn't even finish putting stickers on their helmets. 

 Samantha Ogborn 
Okay, almost halftime. What's your favorite commercial so far? Mine: VW spot. Very creative.  

 Amira de Vera 

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