Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptian Military Hints That President Mubarack Will Step Down

The Egyptian-run television station is reporting President Hosni Mubarak will give a speech before the nation tonight, and as speculation grows Mubarak may announce he is stepping down, Egypt's military has stepped in to make sure the country remains secure.
However, the state TV says officials denied Mubarak will step down.
In Washington, CIA Director Leon Panetta says there is a “strong likelihood” Mubarak will resign – ending 30 years in power.
At a Egyptian coffee shop on Steinway Street in Astoria where Egyptian-New Yorkers have been gathering to watch coverage of the protests, there was excitement in the air today.
"I've been here supporting them," said coffee shop customer Ali Elsayed. "I want to say congratulations to the young Egyptians. We will support them all the way. [Egyptian Vice President] Omar Suleiman must go before Mubarak. He's from the old guard."
"I will dance. I will be so happy," said coffee shop owner Labib Salama. "That's thing I've been waiting for for a long time. I wish it will be now, not tomorrow. He always says tomorrow. I will not move from here until I see it. This guy is a dirty snake."
Earlier today, a military commander in Cairo told protestors gathered in the city's central Tahrir Square “all their demands will be met today.”

A high council of the Egyptian military was meeting and announced on state television it supports the legitimate demands of the people. Neither Mubarak, nor his newly-elected vice president, were present at the meeting, possibly suggesting both men could be resigning.
A spokesman for the military's supreme council said in a statement the council was meeting to find ways to “safeguard the Egyptian people.” The statement was dubbed "communique number one" and could suggest a military coup.
For almost two weeks, Egyptians from the tri-state area and other New Yorkers have held their own rallies to demand Mubarak's resignation.
Credit: NY1

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