Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twitter Feedback: RIP Guitar Hero

 Adryona Gregory 
RIP Guitar Hero. All we got left is Rock Band. It's so hard to say goodbye to yestrday. :(

 Oleg Appassov 
 Guitar Hero you gave air guitar competitors a practice tool.

 Shawn Craig 
RIP Guitar Hero. People finally care. Rock Band was better anyways

 James Burulcich 
RIP Guitar Hero - why can't they make a game that you can connect a real guitar too that shows on the screen all chords and strums. IDEA!

 Team Perry ♥ 
RIP Guitar Hero ? WHAT?

 Brian Andersen 
RIP Guitar Hero, I honestly wont miss you. I'd much rather be playing a real instrument or real video games.

 Steph Montague 
RIP Guitar Hero? So kids can now actually pick up a real instrument and learn to play instead of sitting on their arses all day. Grand! =)

 Shaun Joseph 
RIP Guitar Hero I remember when you were first announced. Then years later there's over 20 different versions of you & you became a CoD..

 Douglas Conklin 
RIP Guitar Hero... too bad most people will be too busy playing Rock Band 3 to care.

RIP Guitar Hero. Seriously we'll miss you bro .

 Mariska Kort 
Did I miss something?! Why is RIP Guitar Hero trending? :O

 sam kershaw 
Awwww RIP Guitar Hero,you will be missed,I would be more sad if it was GTA though i have to admit!

 Kyle Turner 
RIP Guitar Hero I never played you though.

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