Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breaking News!!! Twitter Feedback: King Abdullah of Jordan

King Abdullah replaced his Prime Minster in amid of protest in his country. Maruf Bakhit is new prime minster of jordan. Here is twitter feedback on King Abdullah of Jordan.

So now King Abdullah of Jordan has dismissed HIS people too? He just appointed a new PM. Craziness.

 Sky News Newsdesk 
 by UrbanLocations
King Abdullah sacks his government in the wake of protests in Jordan.

 Jonathon Sailer 
Apparently King Abdullah is worried the Revolutions will come sweeping through his country and bring true democracy there as well 

 mona kasra 
Wow! RT @: Among those trending on Twitter: Tahrir Square, King Abdullah, Mubarak, Jordania, Egypt. Makes u wonder who's trembling.

King Abdullah should dismiss himself

King Abdullah dissolves Jordanian government

 Trupti Patel 
King Abdullah of  dismisses government. It's good to be King!

@ ohh, sad to hear that :'( they're seem nice ,btw whyking abdullah trending?

@ what's with Jordania & king Abdullah? Something happened there 2?

 uma khouny 
WOW, king Abdullah fired his Prime Minister.


  1. Jordan will always be great and wil alwayss be teh great Kingdom! we are not an Arab republic and we will never bee. Long Live The KIng

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