Monday, February 7, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Born This Way

The first single from Lady GaGa newest album comes out this Friday. Here is twitter feedback on Lady GaGa.


@ i also need go to sleep .. BornThisWayFridaytrend until friday !!! we can do it =)

 Navin Sandhu 

BornThisWayFriday ♘ Stop Calling Alejandro.

 Christine Asbury 

Cannot wait for 


BornThisWayFriday Holy shit, that's amazing news to come home to! :D

 Anne Caulton 

 !! gotta love @ and her passion for her music and her little monsters <3 mi amore vole fe yah

 Omar Ibarra 

I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too Thursday I don't care about you, It's , I'm in Love!

 Darrius Mcneal 

Get ready to shake your self lose BornThisWayFriday

 † Lady ♥ DaDa † 
 by khamsin64
She thinks she somethings in this world | BornThisWayFriday

 Lisa Mikhail ☮ 
Edge Of Glory! BornThisWayFriday

 Marcello Richmond // 
this year the grammy's are gonna be a real war !BornThisWayFriday

 Francesca Abraham 
Bornthiswayfriday I am SOOOOOO excited @

I'm going to cry so hard on Friday. BornThisWayFriday

BornThisWayFriday stop telephonin' me :'(

 Natalie Lambert 
When BornThisWayFriday comes, I'm gonna be high as all the beautiful unicorns in the sky<3

BornThisWayFriday! AH! YAY! Little Monsters unite!

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