Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Questions I Don't Like.........

 Greg F. 
 "why you changed?" I didn't change. I just grew up. You should try it sometime.

 The Dark Lord 
 "Are you team Edward or Team Jacob?" Neither. I am Team Literature.

 are you gonna eat that ?

 Charles Desmodus 
 What would you do? (you don't want me to answer. you just want me to listen.)

 Kayla Dortch 
 Have you always had braces? Ummm obviously not!

 Elizabeth Griffin 
are you a robot? 

 Elizabeth Hernandez 
"Heyyy, what's your name?" 

 Varun Kapoor 
 Are we there yet? Shut up and let me drive.

 Mariana Bravo 
 what are your plans for the future? -im 18 i got time to figure it out

 RIP Jerm 
"You ready for this exam?" I wasn't ready the first 5 times somebody asked 

 Julie Di Cesare 
Are you really that old? 

 paulie fenty 
 by ibieberbabefans
 "Add a location to your tweets. Turn it on?" - No thanks, I like being followed on Twitter, NOT followed home.

 THE SAME ONES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!the answer wont change!!

 Sara Chaude 
 what did you just say?

 John Boyce 
 Whats your favorite food??? I DONT HAVE ONE I JUST LOVE TO EAT LML

 Christopher Walls 
Asking "Whats wrong?" * 10 

 Shauna Crosby 
 Can i get ur discount?

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