Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Hello February

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This is the last day of JANUARY. Goodbye,January. Hello,February! Please be an awesome month. :) 

 andi triansyah 

Hello February!! Be my month please!

 Febrina Wahab 

Hello February. You are my favourite month of the year :)

 Siwi S. Herdiani 

HelloFebruary! Glad to see you, my lovely month. And goodbye, January. See you next year! :D

Every goodbye makes the next hello closer... So hello to ufebruary.. :)

 denti susanti 
Hello february.. Hope my dream was just a dream. Not gonna happen in reality.

 Adrian Montano 
Hello February, the month where my contract ends and I'm upgrading to 3G Internet and I'm going to be constantly tweeting everywhere.

 Virginia Neloe. 
RT @Hello february. new step, new spirit, new hope ♥♥

 Fitri Handayani 
Hello February...I'm so excited!! :)

 dian prad 
Thankyou January, Hello February,Let it sparks,I pray for more parties, more fun, more laughs,more crazy momment this month,Live like dying

Hello February! Very excited to change my Beatles calendar tomorrow :)

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