Monday, January 31, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton, Where are you? I missed reading your posts on your website. Here is twitter feedback on Perez Hilton. 

 Majken Chontos 

Why can't I access Perez Hilton's website?!?! I need my gossip fix!!!! 

 Ancora Imparo 

So not only is Perez Hilton's site not loading (guilty), but Lambert is listed as his top celebrity? Really?

 Jack Benoff 

i bet people get more upset about this than egypt --> RT @: LOL, perez hilton's site is down. karma is a bitch!!!!!!! damn. ;)

 Emily Gordon 
 by JanaRoseE

Perez Hilton is down?!?!?....... Deep breaths....

 Alexis brown 

Perez Hilton be going on the girls on the BGC's reunions

 Erika Dellatorre 

perez hilton is downnnn....ahhh need my fix! it is


why isn't perez hilton not working!? I need to find something else to waste my time.

 Lizbeth Muriel 

where am I suppose to get my news from if Perez Hilton is down?

 Nicole Burron 

Perez Hilton is DOWN.

 NicolasJacob Cabrera 

What the hell is going on with  site???!! Help someone!?!

 Carolyn Hedges 

is anyone else getting a "NOT FOUND" when they go to ??  how else do i take a break?!?!

 Christina Brown 

Anyone else having trouble with Perez Hilton's site? 

 Melissa Palcong 

ahh, why is  down! i need my daily dosage of gossip! :'(

 E. B. 

i need  someone needs to fix the site! ASAP


what's up with  being down? i feel lost.

 Jessica Kurland 
OH NO! Perez Hilton is not working! =[ i need news, man!

 Jolie Bialke 
Oh just dandy. Now the Perez Hilton mobile site refuses to load properly. 

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