Monday, January 3, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Brad Womack

Brad Womack is the return bachelor on the bachelor. Brad Womack didn't pick DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft for the finale rose. Here is twitter feedback report on Brad Womack.

 Emilee Fitzpatrick 

well i'm glad brad womack realizes he was a stiff ass last time. my dog is growling at our television right now. lmfao

 Bonnie Upright, APR 

Judge me - I don't care. Brad Womack is the hottest  of all time. And I don't think he was a jerk for NOT picking a girl.

 Meredith Parker 

Oh dear... Brad Womack miiight be more gay & annoying than Jake. Please put on a shirt & grow a pair or I wont be able to watch this season.

 Anik Dufour 

I don't get why people were so pissed at Brad's better that he let both girls go, then to pick one and have led her on more...

 Kimberly Diedrich 

Brad Womack: Round Two begins!

 Bri Izabe 

 Womack- if the system didn't work for you the first time, why would you try it again? Someone needs eHarmony

 Jaime Abbiatti 

Waiting to see Brad Womack get slapped across the face and then possibly checking out some of Raw...

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