Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Republican Response

Rep. Paul Ryan is given the republican response on the president's speech. The Republican Response is to cutting spending, limited government, repeal healthcare law, and create jobs. Here is twitter feedback on the Republican Response.

 Nicole Inal 
 republicans pledge to confront this "fiscal crisis" responsibly 

 Marc Malone 
Don't talk to me about budgets. Where was the budget when Bush ran two unhinged wars? 

Take a drink every time Ryan says limited government.

 John Brennan 
FYI: party members of the President always bitch about the other party's response. You're doing nothing new.

 Nathan Rank 
Trust me, don't believe government - Paul Ryan

 Nyssa Zaman 
Ok, what the hell is up with all this negativity. I smell a fear campaign. It stinks, let me tell ya 

The last  was much better, Ryan messed up. 

 Lorri Delia 
Times have changed. Old school Gov''t ain't cuttin' it anymore!

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