Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twitter Feedback: No Size Zero

Kenneth Tong wants everyone to be size zero and encourage unhealthy lifestyle. Here twitter feedback report on No Size Zero.

 Lauren Gregory 

What makes girls pretty is what's inside NOT size 


I just learned about Tong's anorexia campaign and it makes me want to cry. Beauty is NOT how skinny you can be.  @

 Rufaro Mapfumo 

This is the most disgusting thing I've heard in too long. I love my curves, THANK YOU 

 Riah Gascoyne 
@ you my friend are NOT right, noone NEEDS to be a size zero, who wants to be all bone? i don't, curves are better.

 Lauren Felton 

, but I don't like . How about? Body image issues affect us all, even the naturally thin.

 Damien Castro 

@ you are in no way right...none at all. Your a disgrace who picks on 'imperfections' you need to be shut down!

 Kelli Paul 

Amen! We don't need our young girls thinking they have to grow up to be Twiggy. 

 Victoria Rowley 

you are sick for encouraging people to have anorexia..some things are better of not been said.

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