Monday, January 24, 2011

Russian spy Anna Chapman debut TV show

Red-headed Russian spy Anna Chapman debuted her new TV project, hosting a program about unsolved mysteries in her latest career twist.

Her weekly show, "Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman," launched Friday night -- and although it aims to unravel unexplained mysteries, its makers confirmed it will not include any mention of Chapman's spying activities.

Wearing a clingy red-and-black velvet dress, Chapman appeared stiff as she intoned cheesy catchphrases, such as "My name is Anna Chapman, and I will reveal all the secrets."

The first hour-long episode on privately owned Ren TV investigated the case of a baby in the volatile Caucasus region of Dagestan who attracted hordes of pilgrims in 2009 after verses from the Koran reportedly appeared imprinted on his skin. The child's parents said the verses began appearing soon after the birth of their son, Ali Yakubov, and showed red Arabic letters covering his arms, legs and cheeks.

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