Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twitter Local Feedback: Mega Millions Jackpot

This is first twitter local feedback report on Grace Online.The Mega Millions Jackpot is $355 Millions dollars. Here is twitter feedback report on Mega Millions Jackpot.


why is Mega Millions Jackpot a . I don't care about it if I didn't win it.


Hey folks heads-up: dont forget 2 play Mega Millions Lottery by 2nite Jackpot is over 300Million! &when u win dont forget me.. :-) GOOD LUCK

 Greg Dightman II 

Just wondering...so what would you do if you hit the jackpot and won the mega millions lottery tonight?


I feel like im destined to win this Mega Millions Jackpot cuz i have never bought a lottery ticket and no one has won lol

 Courtney Feeley 

Couldn't hurt to buy a few plays for the Mega MillionsJackpot.........330M is insane...


Dammnn Tha MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT is $330 MILLION $__$ - I'mma Play !!!

 Clark Kent 

I think I'ma buy a lottery ticket. tis shit gettin ridiculous. MegaMillions Jackpot I'm down

 Sakina M 

So I see mega millions jackpot is trending. Sssooo tweeps wats up with gettin in on this $330 million?!!

 Isabeli Baruch 

Wow! Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot has been bumped again - to $355 million!!!! I'm gonna have to get a ticket..lolol


The Mega Millions Jackpot is $330 Million! *Faints* Never played before bt like they say...Its a first time for Everything.

 Silas Kain 
 by boodsm
If we win the entire Mega Millions jackpot tonight I pledge $5 million to public education in the arts & humanities as our first endeavor.

 La'Troy Wilder 

If I win the Mega Millions Jackpot.....I would quite school stop working. and not tell anybody I won the Mega Millions lol.

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