Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Because of the snow.......

 Rigal Joseph 

 Smiley. =D 
 I will be forced to look at my family all day long! smh

 ✔Verified Account 
 by _PlayPlayMeyah
 Im Runnin From The TwitterFeds.

 Cierra Gee 
My clothes won't be delivered on time 

 Kendall Krafick 
 I'm going to fail midterms.

 Alexis Pena 
  i do not have my horrid english class.

 unique rutherford 
 one of da LIVEST games EVER is on a SCHOOLDAY ! :(

 the electric bill is about to go up

 Grace Dormier 
 I'm getting cabin fever.

 Elizabeth Penn 
 we may have school on Feb. 18th and 21st

 waldo Hernandez 
 by MaryJaneShawty
 ppl from facebook are making twitter -_-

 Ramel Williams 
 i might not be able to get to the city tomorrow -_-

 victor sarceno 
 by DragonLaserz
 everybody charged there phones and ipod before their lights went out

 Babay SoQuirky M. 
 by The_DC_Dancer
 ppl goin be on twitter and facebook allllll nite!!!lls

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