Friday, January 28, 2011

Twitter Feedback: President Honsi Mubarak

People of Egypt want President Honsi Mubarak step down as their president.  President Honsi Mubarak asked his country government to resign due to the protesters on the street. Many analyst are worrying that the Middle East is destabilize due to corrupt in Arab Governments. Here is twitter feedback on Honsi Murback.

Oh Mubarak, why won't you ever learn ... it's too late now, just give up already! >.>

 Jennifer Waxman 
Finally RT @: Obama calls for the internet and communication services to be restored in Egypt   

 Charles Homans 
 by andrewmswift
Mubarak's speech and the SOTU had one thing in common: they both ignored what was happening in Egypt.

 Scott Gose 
Even after 30 years of rule, Pres Mubarak doesn't want to relinquish control. I'd say it's time to hang your hat and not be upset about it.

Boy oh boy I just can't wait for the eventual insufferable and unfunny Fake President Mubarak Twitter account! I'm so -EXCIT-ED!!

 Martin Duvander 
President Mubarak vowed to take steps to guarantee the rights and freedom of Egyptians, develop job opportunities and to "stand by the poor"

 Thamer Saeed Salman 
 by bopbop_simsim
We should thank both, Mubarak and Obama just got the message across to the Egyptian people "if you want something done, do it yourself"

 Lucas Poznanski 
 by dannadano
I'm watching the events in Egypt with palpable anticipation. Could be the second Western-backed Arab dictator to be ousted in 2011?

Judging by Twitter, Mubarak has chosen the mad dictator option. Over to you, Obama.

 Dan Nolan 
 by bobbydigits
Protestors on the streets are still calling for President Mubarak's resignation after hearing his speech 

 Anil Dash 
 by HeyBeeCee
Mr. Mubarak, tear down this firewall.

 Yaman Salahi 
 by petro
America has spoken: Egyptians have a fundamental human right to use Twitter, and Mubarak has a fundamental human right to be President.

 Sarah Abdallah 
 by Hasanuddin_
At his Zionist masters' behest, Obama extends his solidarity to Hosni  on the premise of implementing false "reforms." 

 shoruk khaddour 
did i hear that right? apparently  used Hamas and Gaza as an example for ANTI-democracy  

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