Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twitter Feedback: If I win the lottery.....

 Emma MacDougall 
 I'd pay off my student loans, give money to the fam, and start building thistlewood. Maybe a vacation or two as well :)

 Fiel Myron Esguerra 
 I will watch all concerts of my favorite artists, I will buy all of the clothes, gadgets, shoes that I want :)

 Lauren Garvin 
$355 million lottery drawing tonight  i'm getting an apartment in new york and traveling the world!

 i would save some for college, by myself a nice car, and give the rest away, no lie.

 Haus of Kaylyn 
 I would give half to charity, save some for concerts, fly to as many countries as I could, buy a car, college, tk merch.:D

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