Monday, January 24, 2011

Twitter Feedback: TV Show Castle

Tonight episode information:

When the detective who investigated Beckett's mother's murder is shot before Beckett's eyes before he can give her new evidence in the case, Beckett's old wounds are reopened. The investigation of the detective's death leads the team to an old scheme which may provide the answer to why Beckett's mother was murdered and who ordered it. Beckett and Castle's relationship takes a new turn. 

Here is twitter feedback on Castle.

 Debby Thrasher 
 is on!! Beckett finds out about her moms murder!

eeekkk what does this cop know about Beckett's mom's murder???

Oh my god, . This episode is already amazing.

 Dianne Sylvan 
 by Torriagirl
Holy CRAP what an opening. Man, this show can be goofy as hell, but when it does serious, it rocks it. 

Go Captain Montgomery! 

LOL i did forget Beckett's first name, now that I think about it. Thanks  for reminding me...

 jerald lim 
"like it or not, im your plucky sidekick." 

 Caro ♥ 
"All she cared about was the truth." .

 Angela Prather 
 but of course... You do not handle suspects that way Beckett! Go home and get some rest! LOL

 Concerned Castle Mommy is concerned.

 Miss Mila 
"So the guy who touched my arm was a murderer? Figures. Why do I always attract the creeps?" I like her =]. .

Somebodys been spying on Beckett???? 

 Oh my god...she did THAT while he was in the Hamptons? Oh wow...I don't even...I'm bawling for her.

 Reema Patel 
josh doesnt know about her mom. that's BIG.  

RT @: Mariska and Chris are watching  right now. And they're calling their agents in the morning... 

Someone called , "Murder HE wrote". Stana Katic > hotter/awesome > Angela Lansbury. And when is a crime drama truly realistic anyway?

 Miss Mila 
 by TheMentalist09
"Somebody you'll never touch." His name probably IS The Dragon..

holy moly crap ... Esposito and Ryan !!!!!!!! :'(:'( 

 Naomi Clayton 
OMG I just realized I'm so drawn into this I had forgotten we still have the kiss yet!  

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