Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking News!!!! Twitter Feedback: Joe Lieberman

United States Senate Joe Lieberman announced that he is going retire in 2012. Here twitter feedback on Senator Joe Lieberman.

 Daniel Hamilton 
 by JuliesThinkTank
Very sad to hear Joe Lieberman is retiring from politics in 2012. A brave, decent and honourable man who was treated awfully by his party.

 by amanicdroid
Joe Lieberman to retire and spend more time with whatever family is optimal for him at the moment.

 Adam Lynch 
Joe Lieberman has announced that he won't be running for re-election. Say it with me, now: Thank God.

 Altan Sadik-Khan 
Here's to Joe Lieberman never running for office again! What a fine day for all residents of Connecticut.

 Ron Ruble 
"Senator Joe Lieberman expected to retire from Senate": - I think he is just getting ready to run against Obama in 2012

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