Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twitter Feedback: State of Union

Here is twitter feedback on the State of Union Address.

 Breea Weigel 

I always love seeing Obama greet Hillary.  

 Mellisa Pegus 

Damn, this is the first time that  will be up there..probably crying. Miss @ already 

I IceCreamConversation 

President Obama is so damn cool. He's dappin people up and giving all the ladies sugah. 

 Mary Frances 

 is on.The  is wearing brand new suit that looks like his other suits.

 Sam Sedaei 

Mixed seating makes it hard for republicans to have a show of solidarity against  at the .

J Julie Cohen 

Obama's face is a different color than his hands! WTF, who is the White House makeup artist responsible for this? 

 Rich Villar 
 by brinesalt

People, don't play the Obama drinking game with the word "jobs." You will die of alcohol poisoning. 

 Judith Spalding 

Watching the  address in America..yep I should really go to bed.Some of the things the President is saying ain't all that popular!

 Ryan W. Mead 

I'm not watching the , but from what I'm reading on Twitter, he promised to put a smoked salmon on Sputnik via Facebook.

 The Infamous Chris 

Obama should've done a walk by high five to everyone in the crowd, and then obnoxiously drink some Gatorade. 

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