Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Oscars Nominees

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences announced their nominees for this year Oscars. Here is Twitter Feedback on the Oscars.

 Gulliver Inkspots 
 by mideastfrancais
Wish there was a way to auto-unsubscribe from Twitter every time someone I follow made a comment about the Academy Awards.

 Mariel Mae Lapasa 
Academy Awards. Whoa, I'm soo excited! Goodluck to all nominees :)

 Bill Kempin 
Nominated for a best picture Oscar was "127 Hours," which I believe is a movie about the Academy Awards.

 Md. Nazrul Islam 
Academy Awards nominations for Zuckerberg. OpssS... The Social Network. 

 indra febriansyah 
Okay, I won't see Cher performing in the Academy Awards then,,, sigh, oh well

 Amanda Banzuela 
I think GOLDEN GLOBE will be repeating itself, in the 83rd AnnualAcademy Awards...

 Andrew Soar 
No Giamatti, No Gosling but Kings Speech - Yes & Winter's Bone - Yes!  

 Will Lewallen 
shouldn't the academy awards have best horror category like the grammys have one fore metal ?

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