Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twitter Feedback: American Idol 10

Some people on twitter said that American Idol is not the same without Simon Cowell or American Idol the jump shark. I don't think so because American Idol need to up their game with new things and new ideas.  I think that Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler make the show brand new again with Randy Jackson. Randy Jackson has more input than past seasons of idol. 

 Shane Nickerson 

Nothing had ever made me consider my own mortality more than theAmerican Idol press photos with Steven Tyler.


This is my first time watching American Idol since Fantasia won. LOL

 by SupaKou

Of course american idol will start the season off in the Greatest state of the US, Jerz! Dey be knowing

 Chad Davis 

the streak continues...2 years of not watching American Idol and counting...


oh yes American Idol try-outs todaythats the only part of theseason i watch!

 Larry Butler 

Football season is almost Over and now it's getting into theAmerican idol season.

 by nocturnal_D
A toast to @The greatest American Idol ever!!!!

 Erica Voges 
wow, looks like the buzz tonight is all about american idol. Maybe I need to get one of those TV things to stay in the loop.

 Shane Castellanos 
Smashed! I had two tds yeee :) Now American Idol ahhhh im gonna jizz my pants

Steven Tyler did a GREAT job on American Idol tonight!

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