Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twitter Feedback: We Love Tokio Hotel

 Bill Kaulitz Fans ✔ 
 by MKaulitzBizarre
WeLoveTokioHotel is back in the Worldwide TT but it's too low there so it can easily dissappear again. Come on! Go up up Up!!!!

 FurImmer♥Tokio Hotel 
 by njh8174
WeLoveTokioHotel because they are more than just a band for us

 TH Venezuela 

Yeah! We are the BEST fans in this World! WeLoveTokioHotel <3

 Aldana Calella 

WeLoveTokioHotel has been trending like for a week ! WTF?

 Je suis Ana. 
i'm so very hot that when i rob your mansion you ain't call the cops, you call the firestation WeLoveTokioHotel

One more song lyric from tokio hotel for today :) or I might do two more songs welovetokiohotel

 Aidi Mathers 
WeLoveTokioHotel is on number 5!! That's the Alien power!

 Ashlea Kaulitz 
Were laughing and crying wanna live here just like you.WeLoveTokioHotel

 Connie Lux 
 by Unendlichkeiit
@ are guys still loving @ ??? :DWeLoveTokioHotel WeLoveTokioHotel WeLoveTokioHotel !

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