Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Unlikely Headlines

People on twitter are starting their unlikely headlines. Here is twitter feedback on Unlikely Headlines.

 paulie fenty 

 Rihanna remembers her name and finally stops harassing Onana.

 God ✔ 

 God hires JK Rowling to re-write The Bible

 Nadia Noble 
 by xiHeartRandomx
 Sarah Palin's show airs on national TV about her life in Alaska......oh wait -____-

 Lucy ▲ndrew 

 Breaking news! The government does actually know what it's doing

 by nika_neek
 Lil Kim hits Number 1 with new single....


 1000 Job Opennings :X


 New Orleans Hornets make it to the NBA Finals

 Cleveland Brown 
 by Edi22Baybehh
 Myspace makes a comeback.

 Jack The Quipper 

Gordon Ramsey to open a new McDonalds 

 Betty F*ckin' White 
 by JM_ILO
 @ writes a best selling novel...oh, wait, what?

 Franco Escobar 

 Jennifer Aniston gets married!


 Sarah Palin falls in love with Bill Clinton.

 Joe Braza 
 by CraziiSexyyCool
 Hugh Hefner has taken a vow of celibacy

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