Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twitter Feedback: Potholes

Hello Potholes!!!  Pothole are showing up everywhere. Here comes pothole rants from people on twitter.

 Sean Moffitt 

Ok I'm officially mad about parking ticket epidemic in Toronto - can't get massive potholes fixed but sure enough, 2 mins. after meter is up

 Marcus Buck 
@ u sure about calling about the potholes cause Jackson full of them I call them rim killers cause u can damage your car

 marco junior 
I love Jersey City potholes.

 Tricia Ambrose 
Cities won't reimburse for vehicle damage unless potholes were known, neglected. Inform city of road issues to avoid this. Use

Dear car, my deepest apologies about all those potholes i put you thru on route 35 today, please keep my tires inflated? love, Amanda

 Cheryl Sadler, MLIS 
RT @: Cities won't reimburse for vehicle damage unlesspotholes were known, neglected. Inform city of road issues to avoid this.

 if you don't know how fucked up Wilshire is with all them damn potholes.

 Andy F 
These fucking potholes suck. Much worse than pot. And holes. 

 potholes werent 7 inches deep and EVERYWHERE.

 Shannon Costley 
Dear L.A.- thanks so much for the potholes on Wilshire Blvd. They're even deeper and more craggly than when last I lived here. xoxo

The recent bad winter has knocked hell out of my car. Potholes and icy conditions have damaged tyres, also front and rear suspension.

 Ryan Healey 
I'm pretty sure these potholes should now be referred to as craters

Hating potholes!!!

 kyron stewart 
These potholes are treacherous

 Haley Switalski 
What's up potholes? >:(

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